Getty Images for Free Images

Are you looking for a website of stock images that is free of charge?

Getty Images is the place for you! You can use all the images for free!

Just hit the link and sign-up! Easy as that!

I have been reading several articles this week highlighting this great website and it gave me an idea that designers, marketers, business people or everyone can use this. You can also embed the picture you like to use in your page. Isn’t it great?

Here is a guide for you.

1. You need to register if you don’t have an account.

1.1 Sign-in if you already have

2. Go to the search bar located at the upper left of the page, under the Getty Images’ logo.

3. Type “fashion model” for example and hit search.

4. Results will appear and here is the screenshot for that.

5. Click “View more results” to see all the available images.

6. Click “Best match” or  “Newest” or “Most popular” if you like and if you wanted to see more images.

7. Click the picture you like, for example:

Editorial #478928539″ then a new window will pop up.
8. Click the “</>” to embed the image if you wanted to embed the image.
9. Then copy the code and paste it to your website or blog.
10. You have an option, you may download the image, just simply click “Download Preview Image” on the right side and insert in your website or blog. And it will look like this…
See? Simple as that! Hoping you like it! 🙂
Now, what are you thinking? Do you like Getty Images too?
Don’t forget to leave comments and feel free to throw some questions.


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