These days, many are seeking online jobs, but unfortunately almost 75% are scam or not legit.

Never the less, I am a living proof that online job works, I love how I handle time on my own, I work whenever I wanted, I stop whenever I want and if I have too.

Yes, looking for a job online or making money online is like a Win-Win Situation, everything is unpredictable especially if you are a newbie.

What are some works that YOcan do online? Well, here is my list and these are JUST SOME.

  1. Pay-Per-Click
  2. Data entry
  3. Guest Blogging
  4. Copy Writing
  5. Blogging
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Selling eBook/product

Who/What is Unemployed Pinoys?

For now, let’s focus on DATA ENTRYUEP

Have you heard about Unemployed Pinoys also known as UEP?

Do you have a full time job and still ought to have additional work at home…

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