How I Overcome Writer’s Block

How was your week guys? Is your productive? Or you also suffered writer’s block just like me?

In this post, I will share you how I overcome it and it might help you.

So here it is…

It’s Saturday and my week is quite busy. Monday was occupied with many tasks to finish, I had 3 designs finished for my Fiverr client, which ordered 3 designs, and starting that day, my day went unbalanced. The designs were done in just 2 days, still, I work for, does some house chores, I took care of my Granny and suddenly last time, I suffered migraine.

I was like hanging; and worried that my blog page got no new blog post, the site stats went down. Despite that, still, engagement with my viewers is important to me, I left replies and delete some comments.

Good thing, last night after reading lots of posts from awesome bloggers around the world that talks about infographics, blogging tips, affiliate marketing, social media news, inspired me!

I was so inspired…

I did write something…

Then, decided to write about how to overcome it writer’s block. I continue writing and was happy writer’s block was gone, I suffered for almost one week because of a busy and unplanned schedule.

You may read it on Niraj’s blog page, It’s a guest post and happy that it is finally published and ready to read. How to Overcome Writer’s Block? is the title of my very first guest post on his blog and I will be happier if you’ll give it a shot! So I prepared some helpful tips there that you might love!


How I Overcome Writer’s Block???

I overcome writer’s block by reading posts from several bloggers and it inspires me. 🙂

6 Tips for WordPress Newbie

wordpress tips for newbie

You know these days WordPress has become the best blogging platform. Millions of Bloggers around the world love WordPress because of it’s rich features. So, if you want to start a blog then the first choice of yours is WordPress and these days Blogging and WordPress has become the similar terms.  If you are new to WordPress then here are some tips for WordPress Newbie:

You can also read  Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners

Don’t Spend Money For your First Blog:

You know WordPress is available in two versions:

1. Hosted on (Used by Metz Maria i.e. )

2. Self Hosted WordPress (Used by me i.e. )

As a newbie the first blog of yours will be the blog to learn so I suggest you to use hosted blog for your first blog and after you start earning money from your blog then you can move to Self Hosted WordPress blog like as mine.

Don’t Use WordPress Theme From Bad Source:

You can use both free and premium theme on your WordPress blog. Most of us like to use premium theme since it is available with lots of customization options. Surely, Premium themes are better than free but most of you download premium themes from black hat users who distribute themes for free. So always use themes from genuine source because themes from bad source might be harmful.

Don’t Ignore Updates From WordPress:

WordPress released updates introducing some new features as well as WordPress releases patch each time. Not only this in every updates lots of security features are added which makes our blog safer from being hacked. So, you should always update to latest version of WordPress to enjoy new features and be safe.

Install WordPress SEO Plugins:

WordPress is SEO friendly by default and to make your WordPress blog SEO friendly you can WordPress SEO plugins. There are lots of SEO plugins available for WordPress which can be downloaded and used, Among them I suggest you to use WordPress SEO by Yoast with lots of SEO features. SEO plugins will help your blog to get indexed in Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Create WordPress BackUp:

Nothing is 100% safe so you know that prevention is better than cure. Lots of WordPress sites get hacked daily and you might be the victim of that. I have got my site hacked before when it was very popular and the problem was that I had not created any BackUp. So, to keep your data safe I suggest you to create backup always.

Always Monitor your Comments:

When you start to blog you will get visitors on your blog and along with that you will comments on your blog. It is not sure that you will get genuine comments always because most of the time you will get spam comments. So, to be safe from spammers you should protect your blog using plugins like Akismet which will protect your blog from spam comments.

If you have the question “Why WordPress for Blogging?” then here is the answer for you Why WordPress is the best blogging platform?

Hope you will enjoy your time reading this post. You are suggestions and feedback are always welcomed .


How To Join Unemployed Pinoys?

This is just a brief step-by-step guide on how to be a UnemployedPinoys member or how to join. Follow the steps here… How To Join Unemployed Pinoys?

Make Money Online (First Roundup)

On a daily basis (if I’m not busy), I read multiple blog posts shared in a social networking and book marketing site, and it inspires me to share a couple of awesome blog posts from different blogger or marketers around the globe.

Making money online is a hot topic everyday. Do you agree with me? If yes, then that’s great and sure that’s your reason why you are here and reading this post about how to make money.

I will tell you, there are sooooo many ways. I have to prolong the word “so” because I mean it. (Wink!) But here, you will find 5 lists of blog posts on how to make money online. Don’t worry, I will share another list soon.

Well, so are you excited? If yes, then here is my first roundup of Making Money Online list of blog posts, and I hope you didn’t miss my FIRST round up of Blogging Post List which I published yesterday.

So let’s get to business. Here is the list…

  1. 15 Sites To Get Paid For Writing and Blogging

  2. How To Make Money Online Reviews

  3. How to Make Money Investing Online

  4. 9 Cool Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

  5. How to create money making infographics?

There you are!

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How To Make Money Online?

Are you looking for websites and ways on how to make money online? If yes, you are in the right place! Here, you can find a few of the most effective ways on how to make money online like blogging.

There are different kinds of people all over the world, jump into their computers, search How to make money online” read articles how, attempt to build a blogging page, for instance, since multiple or articles says that “Blogging” is an effective money making scheme used by marketers. So what comes next? Articles were posted on their blog without understanding how and eventually leaves the niche. Sad!

Making money online is easier said than done! But how to make money online and live like an unemployed human? Working on a daily basis with fixed schedules sounds good yet tiring.

So I am here to share you a few of the most effective ways on how to make money online.

1. Paid Surveys

One of making money online that’s also good for students. Honest answers paid well. You may join CashCrate. Take a survey, complete offers and refer your friends. It’s fun and easy. Payment is through PayPal.

2. Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are offered at Jobs like, posting comments, creating articles about a certain topic, viewing videos and so much moreEarn $9 and withdraw it through PayPal.

3. Data Entry Jobs

Odesk and Elance are two big names where you can find multiple of Freelancers looking for data Entry Workers. Register now free!

If you’re from the Philippines, offers Data Entry works where you can earn PHP 1,200.00 up to PHP2000.00 per week depending on how fast you work and how many entries you’ve created per week. Payment is through LBC or Palawan Express. UnemployedPinoys or also known as UEP (one of my part-time online jobs that I will recommend).

4. Guest Writing/posting

Make money online through guest posting on websites that persuade great writers to apply. This is very beneficial to the website for the fact that it helps there readership grow, could generate huge traffic, attract more leads and convert sales.

5. Blogging

Its efficiency and value to every marketer made it the best job onlineNewbies thought blogging alone could generate money. That’s not true. For you to make money through blogging, you should sell products or services. Sell an eBook or whatsoever. Join communities in your niche, build your brand, go social and make a sale! WordPress is what I can put forward. I love it and make sure you buy your own domain!

6. Join Fiverr

Fiverr is a place where you can sell your services. Skills like writing, singing, blogging, designing, SEO, and so on are useful. Earn $5 every gig you create.
In their own words “It is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, referred to as ‘gigs’ beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name.”


Do you have an interest in blogging and guest writing? If yes, join a community in your niche and don’t fail to remember to join Kingged.coma content curation, social bookmarking and internet-marketing site where you can find great benefits, like earning money by leaving relevant, valuable and honest comments on blogs, but there’s more that will grow your interest. You’ll be inspired by the members who are actively using it to grow their traffic and meet new friends.

Lastly, you need enthusiasm and passion to hit your objectives. Never cease to try repeatedly. It’s awesome for making money online and use more quality time with your family and friends.

Always keep in mind “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Winston Churchill

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6 Blogging Topics List

It’s The first week of July and I’m enjoying my Wednesday with my family!

I am on my first roundup of Blogging Topics List that I’ll be sharing every Wednesday. A new way to help readers like you find blogging topics you might missed.

This is my very first weekly update and I’d be very happy if these lists will help you in your blogging career.

I have a list of blogging topics here that’s also helpful for newbies. So keep scrolling and don’t forget to leave a comment below!

1. Is Blogging Worth Trying and IfSo Ho w Do I Start

– Dok Simon

2. Survey of 1000+ Bloggers: How to Be in the Top 5%


3. 10 Clever Ways To Keep Your Old Blog Posts Alive

4. Add Images to Your Posts from These 5 Free Sites

– Leslie Denning

5. 4 Tips for Writing With Passion


6. Beginner Bloggers: Learn How to Create a Blog From Scratch

– Tom Ewe


So That’s it! I hope these blogging topics will help you. Please don’t forget to leave a comment, subscribe to my blog for more updates! Additionally, next month, I’ll be publishing the second round up and I’m excited! 🙂