Become an Alibaba Affilliate Advertiser

Making money online is one of the hottest topics in the web-world. There is a variety of ways to earn money, some are easy, and some are not. But let me tell you this

But let me tell you this…

I’ve been in the online world since 2011. I started money online by creating designs like ad banners, calling cards, invitation cards, logos and alike. A hobby that I never thought would be a source of my income that time. Time goes by, I became a content contributor in an internet marketing and social bookmarking website, a guest blogger, a data entry specialist and a virtual assistant (until now).

While working and making money online, I was also taking the steps of finishing my college degree. And I’m very glad to tell you, I am graduating this June 23, 2017!!!

Making money online while studying is not an easy thing to do. I have to work on a shifting schedule and go to school even when I am sleepless. So much for that…

What I am trying to say is making money online gives you a vast of oppurtunities!

So let’s get started. You are here to know HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE. One of the strategies that online workers use to make money is through Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate marketing?

“It is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.”  – Google

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.” – Neil Patel

Affiliate marketing is used by many people around the world who sells products, who has a website or a blog with thousands or millions of followers. Many Internet influencers use this strategy to earn money.

If you want to earn money through lMarketing, you need to be an Affiliate Member of a company.




ALIBABA is a Billion Dollar Company that is well-known worldwide like Lazada, Amazon, Ebay, etc. and it is an online store founded by Jack Ma.

Becoming an Affilliate of allows you to make more money online from your content or website. If you have vast of followers online and you own a website or you are skilled in promoting products or services, you have an advantage in this online making money world.

The company of is making the world’s biggest CPA platform.

Joining their team of Affiliates allows you to get exclusive commissions up to US $7.00 per lead!

It is better to start today, be their member, earn, and make money online!





1. Go to my website, click the link below.

2. As soon as the website finish loading, you will see ads like what you can see on the picture below. Click one of the ads.


3. Let it load. You’ll be taken on this page. (See picture below) Choose one and click.


Note: We will not buy any of these products. We will not spend even a cent to earn money.

4. Click “Contact Supplier”


5.  You will a form. Follow the instructions you see on the picture below.



Some browsers will ask you to swipe for verification (See picture below).




Just type the code.



6. Write your active email address. If done, Click “Send Inquire Now”



7. Open your email account (the one that you use earlier). You will see an email from, open the email or message.  Click “Active Now.”15

Note: You already have an account, just send the inquiry and you are done.

After clicking “Active Now” you will see this page.


8. Fill up the form then click “Active My Account” if finished. If you are done with the process, you will see this page.


9. Send me a screenshot of this (Your account) through Facebook or Email. I will check if you have successfully finished the steps so I can send you the Final Steps to start making money online. 🙂

Facebook :



Thank you!

Your Guide to Success

Metz  M.

See you in the Final Steps!



I value your opinion. Pls leave a reply! :)

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