Become an Alibaba Affilliate Advertiser

Making money online is one of the hottest topics in the web-world. There is a variety of ways to earn money, some are easy, and some are not. But let me tell you this

But let me tell you this…

I’ve been in the online world since 2011. I started money online by creating designs like ad banners, calling cards, invitation cards, logos and alike. A hobby that I never thought would be a source of my income that time. Time goes by, I became a content contributor in an internet marketing and social bookmarking website, a guest blogger, a data entry specialist and a virtual assistant (until now).

While working and making money online, I was also taking the steps of finishing my college degree. And I’m very glad to tell you, I am graduating this June 23, 2017!!!

Making money online while studying is not an easy thing to do. I have to work on a shifting schedule and go to school even when I am sleepless. So much for that…

What I am trying to say is making money online gives you a vast of oppurtunities!

So let’s get started. You are here to know HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE. One of the strategies that online workers use to make money is through Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate marketing?

“It is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.”  – Google

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.” – Neil Patel

Affiliate marketing is used by many people around the world who sells products, who has a website or a blog with thousands or millions of followers. Many Internet influencers use this strategy to earn money.

If you want to earn money through lMarketing, you need to be an Affiliate Member of a company.




ALIBABA is a Billion Dollar Company that is well-known worldwide like Lazada, Amazon, Ebay, etc. and it is an online store founded by Jack Ma.

Becoming an Affilliate of allows you to make more money online from your content or website. If you have vast of followers online and you own a website or you are skilled in promoting products or services, you have an advantage in this online making money world.

The company of is making the world’s biggest CPA platform.

Joining their team of Affiliates allows you to get exclusive commissions up to US $7.00 per lead!

It is better to start today, be their member, earn, and make money online!





1. Go to my website, click the link below.

2. As soon as the website finish loading, you will see ads like what you can see on the picture below. Click one of the ads.


3. Let it load. You’ll be taken on this page. (See picture below) Choose one and click.


Note: We will not buy any of these products. We will not spend even a cent to earn money.

4. Click “Contact Supplier”


5.  You will a form. Follow the instructions you see on the picture below.



Some browsers will ask you to swipe for verification (See picture below).




Just type the code.



6. Write your active email address. If done, Click “Send Inquire Now”



7. Open your email account (the one that you use earlier). You will see an email from, open the email or message.  Click “Active Now.”15

Note: You already have an account, just send the inquiry and you are done.

After clicking “Active Now” you will see this page.


8. Fill up the form then click “Active My Account” if finished. If you are done with the process, you will see this page.


9. Send me a screenshot of this (Your account) through Facebook or Email. I will check if you have successfully finished the steps so I can send you the Final Steps to start making money online. 🙂

Facebook :



Thank you!

Your Guide to Success

Metz  M.

See you in the Final Steps!



UnemployedPinoys (UEP) is Back? last year experienced a huge problem about their web site.  Member around the Philippines become mad, and guesses that the website becomes fraud. I’m one of those members waiting for my tracking number.

Honestly, many of my followers sent me a message asking about what took place.  I felt sad and sorry for my allies who just entered. No money refund made last year. Just like them, I lose hope about my pending money.

Until now I am working online as a Writer/In-house Contributor and as a part-time graphic Designer.  Checking on my UEP account is what I do sometimes.  Don’t know, but I was however hoping that UEP will be back on the track.Back when the site was still okay, the extra money every week helped me, to be honest, and I know to other members too.

Last month, I was checking over my email and stunned. I received an email from Online Juan. A new opportunity came to me.

Check the image bellow.


At the beginning, I thought it’s a new website from, I asked because I don’t want to fail again. But they said they were not connected with UEP.

OJ’s registration cost P375.00.

I doubted to be part of their team at first, but I chatted them and gave me the chance to give it shot.  I was thankful they let me avail the free registration last month. They’re generous and kind to me.

Casey Reyes on Facebook gave me further information about the one day free registration procedure.

Now, I’m on my second task and still observing how things work. It’s a new part-time job that I will recommend others. I also want to prove that they are worth the try.

Online Juan is still looking for new members to work with them. So this is what you should do.

Join my team and let’s earn money together!

1. Go to

2. Go to the third box, “Sign-up” and click “DOWNLOAD FORM”. Download and fill-up the form below if. I am inviting you to join. I am a current member, so please choose the third one.


3. Take note of my Information.

Full Name: Metz Miranda

ID Number: M-15-005

4. Read the additional instructions on the website. 

In case you want to know how it looks, then, this is a screenshot of my account in Online Juan.



Just this morning, I was about to check some notifications and income update in Online Juan. I went to my Gmail and saw an email from UEP.

Please check out the screenshot below and read.


A good news finally arrived! 

Now, if you’re a member, please check your emails or open your account/dashboard and make a pick.

I chose “OPTION 1”.  I want to continue working with them.

How about you?

What would your decision be?

Do you find this page helpful?

42 People Who Changed the Internet

I found this article at and enjoyed the information that this article shares. It’s about the 42 People Who changed the InternetYou’ll find there how these 42 people started, a short overview that’ll be amazed while reading. There, you’ll know about the inventors of Yahoo, Google, Email, Apple, the inventor of WWW. and so on! Give it a shot! Read more here…

Sign Language Class Journey

It’s been a long time since the last time I write about my life’s journey on UEP or on UnemployedPinoys. The past weeks I was busy every weekend because I was enrolled in a Sign Language Class to help Deaf and Mute and to share the good news to them.

“Sign Language Class Journey” is my new post and I am looking forward that you’ll read it.

Do you know how to talk to mute and deaf?
Do you know Sign Language?
Are you willing to learn Sign Language? Why?

Sign language is “is a language which uses manual communication and body language to convey meaning, as opposed to acoustically conveyed sound patterns.”

Metz’s Services: Banner Designing

These are collections of my works specifically Banner Ads Designs from I joined Fiverr last June 2014 and for my first 3  months, I already finished 6 Gigs (8 designs). For a newbie like me in that website, I think it’s already a good start! Six Gigs are better than Zero, right? Designing is my hobby and now, I design to make money. Though I have 3 other online jobs, I still have time to design when I have some orders.

In this Category in my Blogging Page “Designs” you will see some of my works and I will post the others finished designs I’ve made.

If you need some help and you need a Graphic Designer to design your Banner Ads or whatsoever you need like flyers, logo, cars, business cards and etc., please don’t hesitate to reach me through Gmail, Twitter and Fiverr.


Order #FO51F3ABA821

BUYER: cdchelp



DATE: July 09, 2014

ECommerce Banner Design


ECommerce Banner Design (Frequently Asked Questions)

Unemployed Pinoys is a website that hires only Philippine citizens to be Data Entry Specialist or Blogger. In this blog post, you will learn many things about the said Online Website, so please continue reading before asking questions. Read more… (Frequently Asked Questions). (Frequently Asked Questions)

Unemployed Pinoys is a website that hires only Philippine citizens to be Data Entry Specialist or Blogger. In this blog post, you will learn many things about the said Online Website, so please continue reading before asking questions. 🙂



Unemployed Pinoys is a website that offers registered members to work on different Data Entry Projects (member must know how to use Microsoft Excel), Off-site Linking (Optional Work) and Blogging (Level 9 members and above). 

  • Example is gathering Business information in your area like, Business name, description, and category, tell phone number, address and. website.
  • School, Sports, Office supplies online with name, price, description and contact number of the seller or website. For me, I use or to gather information and paste it on my excel file.
  • For Blogging work – Level 9 and above, you will blog only about the Philippines, like the food you eat, your selfie story, places you love and many more!

NOTE: UEP/ keeps opening new opportunities for the UEP Community to earn something every week. Data Entry Tasks change twice a month.

  • For Data Entry Tasks- your work will be computed 0.32PHP per valid row with I guess 90 or 100 characters.
  • For Off-site – 0.45PHP per valid link
  • For Blogging – 300 to 500 words Blog post will earn 10.00PHP to 15.00PHP per approved blog posts. You will earn more if you will share your blog post link to your friends or online, and if you have the readership or views/clicks. Google Adsense will your earnings.
  • You can also earn 100.00PHP per successful Invites.

No. You have to pay 350.00PHP for your working dashboard and it is also your membership free and it is good for 1 year. I know you are now doubting why there is money involve. It’s like renting my dear, renting them for 350.00PHP per year BUT 500.00PHP to 3,000.00PHP per week is REALLY WORTH IT!

I honestly earned 800 pesos in my first week. I joined UEP last February 2013 and I never regret joining. I earn 800.00PHP on the first week from Data Entry task, Offiste Linking and inviting friends.


  •  Must be a legitimate Filipino Citizen, with good moral character, and is currently residing in the Philippines.
  • Age 15 to 45 years old
  • College/High School level or Graduate.
  • Basic knowledge on internet, and excel, word, powerpoint is a must.
  • Accessibility on internet at home is an advantage.
  • Must be residing in a place where (LBC) money transfer services are available.
  • Applicants for new membership must be recommended by existing members.

Here is a very brief step-by-step guide on how to join UEP. Please read 

How To Join Unemployed Pinoys?

  1. IS THIS A SCAM OR LEGIT? is not a scamUEP is under SPLUNKEEZ INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and they are DTI-Registered.

Here is a screen shot and you may check it out too at 




This is very important to take note just like your tracking number.


You may see it here in the last part of my blog post… 



Their email address is

That is all! I will update this post or write another post if I will encounter new questions that would help you. So I hope you enjoyed reading this short FAQ’s.


Please don’t hesitate to leave comments or questions below. A 24 hours Money Delivery

What is

In my own words is an online website where you can get money when you need it. It has an easy application. If you need cash for an emergency or any purposes, can give you the money within just 24 hours.

How to Join

The application is easy. Go to and this is a screenshot of the website.



Follow the instruction given to get started. 

1. Fill out the Application – The first and easy step to get your account. After that, you’ll be sent to your account and this is how it looks like.


2. Submit Application and related documents – Click “Request Loan” upload the documents that CashNow.Ph is asking.


3. Then they will send you the money to your Bank or to your Paypal account.


CashNow for PayPal!




  • What is the interest rate?

We charge a low rate of 10% for our loan services.

  • How much can I get?

All borrows start with a P5,000 loan. After successfully completing that, you can get an P8,000 loan. After that a P10,000 and then finally a P15,000.

  • What are the qualifications?

Please refer here for the list of qualifications

  • How fast can I have my money?

Within 24 hours after you submit all of the required documentation.

  • What if I miss a payment?

We will assess a 2% penalty for any payments made any later than 3 days after a due date. After one week (7 days) of non payment, a payment is considered missed and a 3% fee of the principal will be assessed.

  • Do you require collateral?

We do  not require collateral.

  • What if I refer someone to you?

We pay 500 pesos for referrals. Please view this page for our referral program information.

  • What if I want to pay of my loan early?

All of our loans are a minimum of 3 months. After 3 months, you may pay off your loan in its entirety.

  • How do I make my payments?

You can either make transfers via ATM machines or go to your bank and do a deposit over the counter.


PayPal Transfers



  • What is the charge for CashNow for PayPal?

We charge 5% of the amount you send to us via PayPal. There are no other fees.

  • How long does it take for me to get my money?

Once we confirm that we have verified your documents and have received your contract, we will issue a bank transfer directly to your bank account. In addition, you will receive a copy of the bank transfer via email and in your CashNow profile.

  • Why do I have to apply?

Because these are financial transactions, we are required to know our customer and verify the source of income. This is to protect against money laundering and illegal sources of income.

  • What documents do I need to submit?
  1. Valid government issued ID
  2. Proof of billing
  3. Valid bank account in your name
  4. Pay slips (or PayPal screen shots showing just the payments from your overseas employer for the last 3 months)



  • Can I get referrals without having a loan?

Yes it is possible to do this. Please fill out the referrer application and upload the requirements. We need to have your banking information so that we can make your referral payments. All payments are made via online bank transfers. We do not make referral payments via any other form of payment.

  • How are referral fees paid?

Once your referral has settled their loan, we will pay you your referral fee. Payments are made directly to your bank account via online payment. You will receive a confirmation email with a proof of ban transfer attached. You can view the status of any of your referrals on your dashboard.

  • What are the referral fees?

Referrals for 3 month loans is 300 pesos
Referrals for 5 month loans is 500 pesos
Referral fees are paid for the first loan only.

  • How many people can I refer?

As many as you like. We place no limit on referrals. But please be advised that we only pay referral fees once your referred customer has completed their first two loan payments and is in good standing. We want good customers just like you!

  • When will I receive the referral fee?

You will receive your referral fee via bank transfer after your referral has made their first two payments successfully and is in good standing. Once they pay their second payment, we will transfer your fee to you.

  • Will I be informed about my referral fees?

You will receive an email regarding the status of your referral fee. This will happen if the referral is approved or denied. The reason for denial is if your referral does not make their loan payments on time for the first two months.

  • Do I have liabilities for the people I referred?

No, there are no liabilities. You are not liable in any way for their loans or their payments. You are not a co-signer. However, to ensure that you receive the referral fee, we request that you contact them and remind that their payments must be on time for you to qualify.

Make Money Online Post that You’ll Love!

Last time, I’ve posted about blogging “10 Blog Posts of Fresh August. But this time, I want something that isn’t new! Haha Just kidding!

I know many folks around the world are searching about how to make money online or how to use the internet to make money or something like that. This roundup here can also be seen at Kingged, actually, I’ve read these articles there and I want it to share with you guys.

So here are the make money online post that you’re waiting for!

1. Proven Ways to Make Money on the Internet/Online

Making money online could be a really tough nut to deal with, but with the right channel, one might least expect how much he could really earn. Many of us are really interested in making some buck$$ online…

2. 20 Simple Tasks That Increase Revenue Fast

The specific Money Tasks you focus on will depend on your business model AND on your current objectives. The first step is to figure out the ONE thing you really want to accomplish in your business – some major growth, launch or milestone.

3. List of Online Businesses that may never Fetch you a DIME

Making money online is now everyone’s dream. For this reason, everyone on internet is trying as much as possible to engage in one or two online business that will fetch them some money.

4. 10 reasons why you must earn huge money with Google Adsense

If you keep focusing on Google Adsense you won’t buy their products and services. Most of their products are to train you; how to earn money with affiliates, how to write posts that convert, how to write a review that sells like a hot cake.

5. How To Make Money Blogging With These 10 Business Tips

Money blogger means a person who fully knows how to make money blogging. He applies his skills and earns money with his blog.

6. Make Money Blogging, Even If Your Blog Traffic Sucks!

Last month, Pat Flynn made $83,903.53. Enstine Muki made $525, with a single post. But, the heck you’re stucked of your blog traffic, and likely you’ve been slaughtered for your dream to make money from blogging. And if so, this article is for you in concern if you totally want to nail it out and make money blogging.

7. I created a massive Ultimate Guide to Making Money

If you want to know how to make more money, I have something very special for you — and it’s my gift to you.

10 Blog Posts of Fresh August

I wasn’t able to create some blog post over 3rd And last week of July due to internet connection and busy schedule.

Life without a computer is nice because I am able to have quality time with family, relax my eyes, and mind from work. However, the relaxing 3 weeks are over!

It’s time to get back on the track and I have fresh 10 blog posts for a fresh August.

These posts can also be found on Kingged, an internet marketing and social bookmarking and networking site.

Here it is…

1. Top 5 Blogging Women I wish all of them were my Wives and why?

By  Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe

2. How To Increase Blog Traffic-Guide For Beginners

By Mustafa Gaziani

3. How to get valuable comments to your blog post

4. 20 Ways To Craft Amazing Blog Posts Your Readers Love

By Heidi Cohen

5. The State Of Blogging 2014 [Research – Charts]

By Heidi Cohen

6. 9 Tips on How to Build Raving Fans for Your Blog

By Gary Dek

7. 6 popular strategies to make money blogging

By Mi Muba

8. Never Run out of Ideas for Blog Topics! 5 Simple Tips that Work

By  Ray Wang

9. Don’t Waste your Time Blogging


10. Some Technical Tips to Improve Your Blog

By Erik Emanuelli