UnemployedPinoys (UEP) is Back?

UnemployedPinoys.com last year experienced a huge problem about their web site.  Member around the Philippines become mad, and guesses that the website becomes fraud. I’m one of those members waiting for my tracking number.

Honestly, many of my followers sent me a message asking about what took place.  I felt sad and sorry for my allies who just entered. No money refund made last year. Just like them, I lose hope about my pending money.

Until now I am working online as a Writer/In-house Contributor and as a part-time graphic Designer.  Checking on my UEP account is what I do sometimes.  Don’t know, but I was however hoping that UEP will be back on the track.Back when the site was still okay, the extra money every week helped me, to be honest, and I know to other members too.

Last month, I was checking over my email and stunned. I received an email from Online Juan. A new opportunity came to me.

Check the image bellow.


At the beginning, I thought it’s a new website from UnemployedPinoys.com, I asked because I don’t want to fail again. But they said they were not connected with UEP.

OJ’s registration cost P375.00.

I doubted to be part of their team at first, but I chatted them and gave me the chance to give it shot.  I was thankful they let me avail the free registration last month. They’re generous and kind to me.

Casey Reyes on Facebook gave me further information about the one day free registration procedure.

Now, I’m on my second task and still observing how things work. It’s a new part-time job that I will recommend others. I also want to prove that they are worth the try.

Online Juan is still looking for new members to work with them. So this is what you should do.

Join my team and let’s earn money together!

1. Go to http://onlinejuan.com/

2. Go to the third box, “Sign-up” and click “DOWNLOAD FORM”. Download and fill-up the form below if. I am inviting you to join. I am a current member, so please choose the third one.


3. Take note of my Information.

Full Name: Metz Miranda

ID Number: M-15-005

4. Read the additional instructions on the website. 

In case you want to know how it looks, then, this is a screenshot of my account in Online Juan.



Just this morning, I was about to check some notifications and income update in Online Juan. I went to my Gmail and saw an email from UEP.

Please check out the screenshot below and read.


A good news finally arrived! 

Now, if you’re a unemployedpinoys.com member, please check your emails or open your account/dashboard and make a pick.

I chose “OPTION 1”.  I want to continue working with them.

How about you?

What would your decision be?

Do you find this page helpful?

CashNow.ph A 24 hours Money Delivery

What is CashNow.ph?

In my own words CashNow.ph is an online website where you can get money when you need it. It has an easy application. If you need cash for an emergency or any purposes, CashNow.ph can give you the money within just 24 hours.

How to Join Cashnow.ph?

The application is easy. Go to www.Cashnow.ph and this is a screenshot of the website.



Follow the instruction given to get started. 

1. Fill out the Application – The first and easy step to get your account. After that, you’ll be sent to your account and this is how it looks like.


2. Submit Application and related documents – Click “Request Loan” upload the documents that CashNow.Ph is asking.


3. Then they will send you the money to your Bank or to your Paypal account.


CashNow for PayPal!




  • What is the interest rate?

We charge a low rate of 10% for our loan services.

  • How much can I get?

All borrows start with a P5,000 loan. After successfully completing that, you can get an P8,000 loan. After that a P10,000 and then finally a P15,000.

  • What are the qualifications?

Please refer here for the list of qualifications

  • How fast can I have my money?

Within 24 hours after you submit all of the required documentation.

  • What if I miss a payment?

We will assess a 2% penalty for any payments made any later than 3 days after a due date. After one week (7 days) of non payment, a payment is considered missed and a 3% fee of the principal will be assessed.

  • Do you require collateral?

We do  not require collateral.

  • What if I refer someone to you?

We pay 500 pesos for referrals. Please view this page for our referral program information.

  • What if I want to pay of my loan early?

All of our loans are a minimum of 3 months. After 3 months, you may pay off your loan in its entirety.

  • How do I make my payments?

You can either make transfers via ATM machines or go to your bank and do a deposit over the counter.


PayPal Transfers



  • What is the charge for CashNow for PayPal?

We charge 5% of the amount you send to us via PayPal. There are no other fees.

  • How long does it take for me to get my money?

Once we confirm that we have verified your documents and have received your contract, we will issue a bank transfer directly to your bank account. In addition, you will receive a copy of the bank transfer via email and in your CashNow profile.

  • Why do I have to apply?

Because these are financial transactions, we are required to know our customer and verify the source of income. This is to protect against money laundering and illegal sources of income.

  • What documents do I need to submit?
  1. Valid government issued ID
  2. Proof of billing
  3. Valid bank account in your name
  4. Pay slips (or PayPal screen shots showing just the payments from your overseas employer for the last 3 months)



  • Can I get referrals without having a loan?

Yes it is possible to do this. Please fill out the referrer application and upload the requirements. We need to have your banking information so that we can make your referral payments. All payments are made via online bank transfers. We do not make referral payments via any other form of payment.

  • How are referral fees paid?

Once your referral has settled their loan, we will pay you your referral fee. Payments are made directly to your bank account via online payment. You will receive a confirmation email with a proof of ban transfer attached. You can view the status of any of your referrals on your dashboard.

  • What are the referral fees?

Referrals for 3 month loans is 300 pesos
Referrals for 5 month loans is 500 pesos
Referral fees are paid for the first loan only.

  • How many people can I refer?

As many as you like. We place no limit on referrals. But please be advised that we only pay referral fees once your referred customer has completed their first two loan payments and is in good standing. We want good customers just like you!

  • When will I receive the referral fee?

You will receive your referral fee via bank transfer after your referral has made their first two payments successfully and is in good standing. Once they pay their second payment, we will transfer your fee to you.

  • Will I be informed about my referral fees?

You will receive an email regarding the status of your referral fee. This will happen if the referral is approved or denied. The reason for denial is if your referral does not make their loan payments on time for the first two months.

  • Do I have liabilities for the people I referred?

No, there are no liabilities. You are not liable in any way for their loans or their payments. You are not a co-signer. However, to ensure that you receive the referral fee, we request that you contact them and remind that their payments must be on time for you to qualify.

The Relaxing Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

This is my fourth blog post at Unemployedpinoys.com. Please click here to read the whole story.

“Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is one of those stunning beaches in Island Garden City of Samal. This beach is located in Caliclic, Samal. This beach is in front of Davao City, having a shoreline of almost eight hundred meters (800m). The resort maintained feeding fishes and they provided a “safety net” to ward off the jelly fishes for the safety of their visitors. They also encourage their visitors to enjoy the marine. If you feel like going to a beach, go to Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort. Why? It is for the reason that the place is just seven (7) minutes away and traffic-free from Davao City, and visitors are ferried by a fleet of ten (10) colorful boats efficiently operated by the management of the resort from 5:00 AM up to 5:00 PM.”

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SELFIE – Good or Bad?

This is my second blog post at Unemployedpinoys.com. Please click here to read the whole story.


“Selfie. A word coined by someone I do not know. I just woke up one-day morning and met SELFIE as a word that describes a moment, a moment alone with my camera.

We are naturally stunning and God knows that. However, being imperfect pushed us to judge others imperfections and we fail to remember that we have something that imperfect. Well, allow me to share you a short story from this photo of mine.”


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The Pampering Isla Reta Beach Resort

This is my first blog post at Unemployedpinoys.com. Please click Read more to read the whole story. Thanks!


“Isla Reta Beach Resort is one of the best beaches in Talicud Island, Garden City of Samal. The beach is behind a small village. If you’re looking for a beach, a place to spend time with family and friends, in no doubt, Isla Reta Beach Resort is what I wanted to put forward. It has white sand, crystal clear water, clean air and surroundings. What is more interesting? Their workers were friendly and kind.”

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Blogging at Unemployedpinoys

Blogging, blogging, blogging.

That is the main purpose of the HORNED LIZARD Level at Unemployedpinoys.com. Today, it’s beyond Data Entry works.

Just like what I said the last time in my recent blog post. Click here to read…

I will share you if the first post I submitted was approved or what.


Here I am to tell you that..

My first Blog post entitled The Pampering Isla Reta Beach Resort was…


Just click the link I provide. I am really hoping that you will read, share and like my first ever blog post at Unemployedpinoys.

Your likes and visits are great help for me to generate money from my blog.

For those who are interested in blogging and make money online by as a Blogger and a Data Entry Specialist, follow the steps here.

Unemployedpinoys.com gave me another opportunity to earn extra money online.

If I were you. Join the team and be a Freeman now! 🙂



Make Money Online: Blogging in Philippines

 Making money online through blogging is one of the best ways. Unemployedpinoys.com is known as a place for a Data Entry Specialist in the Philippines. If you are interested, follow the steps here. My curiosity about blogging was huge as I can remember. Well, let’s so forward. I want to let you know about a good news. These past few days, I was scrolling up and down in my Unemployedpinoys.com Dashboard on Hatchling Level. Wondering why the site is not fully developed. However, all of the sudden, my cute little fingers (as I assume) brought me to a part of Unemployedpinoys.com that amused me. Here is the screenshot of my Dashboard – Hatchling Level.

via Make Money Online: Blogging in Philippines.

Linkedin Who’s Viewed Your Profile

Linkedin Who’s Viewed Your Profile

One Wednesday morning, Metz jumped into her computer after eating, cleaning the house and washing all the dishes. She went to her Gmail to check some emails and she saw a message from LinkedIn says “Congratulate Mary Jane Adlawan” so she open the message and went to LinkedIn to Congratulate her Collage Classmate for her new job. Metz was surfing the LinkedIn platform again. “Oh! It’s been a while!” she said.

She went to her inbox because she got a recommendation from Sunday William (her coworker) and she gave Sunday a recommendation back. All of the sudden, LinkedIn’s video popped up! Introducing the new Who’s Viewed Your Profile.

So much for the story, Linkedin Who’s Viewed Your Profile Video is great! I found a list of the people I knew and who’ve recently viewed my LinkedIn profile.  It is beneficial to know. Why? “It is one of the best ways to measure how you are doing on LinkedIn.”

These are the steps if you want to check yours…

1.  Go to “Profile” located at the upper right area of your home page

2. Click “Who’s viewed your profile”

There, you will see “Who’s viewed your profile” and “How you rank for profile Views”.

Metz's LinkedIn

Here is the video I saw…

Additional tip!

Under the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile?”, there, you can see how many times you have shown up in the LinkedIn search results.



It’s a fresh dashboard! Come and join Unemployed Pinoys with their new website and dashboard design.

If you are interested to be one of their DATA ENTRY SPECIALIST, don’t hesitate to contact me on Facebook, Twitter and on Gmail at metzsmiranda@gmail.com.

You can read more details on how to join. Click here…

There, I have shared a step by step guide on how to be part of us.



STEP 1: Ask a copy of the Membership Form from our Active Members. (You can ask me and I’ll give it to you for sure!)

STEP 2: Accomplished the MEMBER REGISTRATION FORM, scan and submit to unemployedpinoys@gmail.com together with your ‘Resume or Bio Data’.

STEP 3: Upon Approval of your Membership Application, you will be required to submit an annual registration fee amounting to PHP 350.00



Application / Membership Requirements:

  1.  Must be a legitimate Filipino Citizen, with good moral character, and is currently residing in the Philippines.

  2.  Age 15 to 45 years old

  3.  College/High School level or Graduate.

  4.  Basic knowledge on internet, and excel, word, powerpoint is a must.

  5.  Accessibility on internet at home is an advantage.

  6.  Must be residing on a place where (LBC) money transfer services are available.

  7.  Applicants for new membership must be recommended by existing members.

Before this post ends. I have here a screenshot of my new dashboard. 😀 Never mind the tabs, it looks so girly. LOL!



uep new



These days, many are seeking online jobs, but unfortunately almost 75% are scam or not legit.

Never the less, I am a living proof that online job works, I love how I handle time on my own, I work whenever I wanted, I stop whenever I want and if I have too.

Yes, looking for a job online or making money online is like a Win-Win Situation, everything is unpredictable especially if you are a newbie.

What are some works that YOcan do online? Well, here is my list and these are JUST SOME.

  1. Pay-Per-Click
  2. Data entry
  3. Guest Blogging
  4. Copy Writing
  5. Blogging
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Selling eBook/product

Who/What is Unemployed Pinoys?

For now, let’s focus on DATA ENTRYUEP

Have you heard about Unemployed Pinoys also known as UEP?

Do you have a full time job and still ought to have additional work at home…

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