Make Money Online: Blogging in Philippines

It’s another sunny day for a Friday Morning!

Making money online through blogging is one of the best ways. is known as a place for a Data Entry Specialist in the Philippines.

If you are interested, follow the steps here.

My curiosity about blogging was huge as I can remember. Well, let’s so forward. I want to let you know about a good news.

These past few days, I was scrolling up and down in my Dashboard on Hatchling Level. Wondering why the site is not fully developed. However, all of the sudden, my cute little fingers (as I assume) brought me to a part of that amused me.

Here is the screenshot of my Dashboard – Hatchling Level.


As you can see in the right corner, the Dashboard V2.1 section caught my attention, so I clicked Upgrade. What I saw there?


 Sorry for the poor quality screenshot picture of my Dashboard. I had to zoom it out to capture the whole thing there.

After reading the astonishing page, I abruptly clicked the “Click here to Apply!” well, as you know, I really love blogging so I submit my application.

After a couple of days, I guess, 2 to 3 days. I visited my Dashboard again and really happy with the result as I went to the Main Panel. I did some scrolling and surfing on that page and submitted my first ever blog about a Place. As you can see below, the Manage Articles section has 1 pending blog. That is mine and I am looking forward for the result. Blogging and Making Money Online is the best thing I know in the world. Haha!

Soon as I they approve my blog post, I will share you the link so you will know the story and so you will know how to blog and make money at

Please follow the steps if you are interested to blog about the Philippines. 🙂

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