These days, many are seeking online jobs, but unfortunately almost 75% are scam or not legit.

Nevertheless, I am a living proof that online job works, I love how I handle time on my own, I work whenever I wanted, I stop whenever I want and if I have too.

Yes, looking for a job online or making money online is like a Win-Win Situation, everything is unpredictable especially if you are a newbie.

What are some works that YOU can do online? Well, here is my list and these are JUST SOME.

  1. Pay-Per-Click
  2. Data entry
  3. Guest Blogging
  4. Copy Writing
  5. Blogging
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Selling eBook/product


Who/What is Unemployed Pinoys?


For now, let’s focus on DATA ENTRYUEP

Have you heard about Unemployed Pinoys also known as UEP?

Do you have a full time job and still ought to have additional work at home or a part time job?


If the answer is YES, please continue reading. 🙂


  1.  Can you do data research and other I.T. works by ‘NOT’ being just dependent only in the internet?
  2.  Are you the type of person who is flexible in dynamic and changing scope of responsibilities?
  3.  Are you a type of person who is cool, and creative?
  4.  Lastly, Joining here is only by invitation, so who invited you to join http://www.unemployedpinoys.com?


If your answer above is YES YES YES! and you we’re invited a by legitimate member of http://www.unemployedpinoys.com, what are you waiting for? HOP ABOARD AND START YOUR LIFE CHANGING ADVENTURE TODAY!




Application / Membership Requirements:

  1.  Must be a legitimate Filipino Citizen, with good moral character, and is currently residing in the Philippines.
  2.  Age 15 to 45 years old
  3.  College/High School level or Graduate.
  4.  Basic knowledge on internet, and excel, word, powerpoint is a must.
  5.  Accessibility on internet at home is an advantage.
  6.  Must be residing on a place where (LBC) money transfer services are available.
  7.  Applicants for new membership must be recommended by existing members.






Go to… www.unemployedpinoys.com for your UEP Dashboard Account Pre-Registration.



On the next page, you will see a step by step guide how to activate
your account. Which is this…

Let’s Activate your UEP Dashboard!

It’s quick and very simple! To fully access your UEP Dashboard, kindly
proceed to any PALAWAN EXPRESS Branch Nationwide and pay the Annual
Membership Account Registration Fee of ₱ 350.00

Payment Details for PALAWAN EXPRESS:

AMOUNT: ₱ 350.00
DESTINATION: Palawan Express, AFI-Plaridel, Roxas City, Capiz 5800
MOBILE: (0939)6045822


No Palawan Express in your Area? You may also send it thru any LBC Branches

Destination: LBC Gaisano Blvd., Arnaldo St. Roxas City, Capiz PH 


The three(3) most important keys to activate your UEP
Dashboard Account

*Type-In your payment tracking code, located on your receipt
*Take note of my ID and Full Name



Check your email for the confirmation and that’s the end of the process.

You can now start working at home in your UnemployedPinoys.com Dashboard!




“At http://www.unemployedpinoys.com the type of job we can offer to you, and guarantee, is that you will earn something for a start from Data Research and Encoding. BUT! As per our Terms and Conditions, we don’t give guarantees that we can sustain additional and more jobs only for YOU, since there are also other Filipinos who would like to earn something, so it is proper that we share these opportunities. When you join, we will require a PHP 350.00 to support the system/server resources we will allocate to your working dashboard, BUT! If you feel that in less than one (1) month, you are not satisfied with the small earnings you gain, or to what we can offer for you as a data researcher/encoder, we will refund to you, your PHP 350.00 in full. BUT! If you exceed One (1) month as a member and already started gaining income from the program, your Registration Fee is no longer refundable.

Vice-Versa, We also reserve the right that if we will be no longer needing your services with us, then we will deactivate your membership with us, and send back to you your registration fee in full.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: YOU CANNOT REFUND YOUR PHP 350.00 in any case, that you are found to be a member who violates our TERMS AND CONDITONS.

See conditions here…

You can also read these on their official site. Click here...”

My take here is that you can trust this since I have some proof here…

This was my first salary. I have to hide it since I think it is confidential. :)

This was my first salary. I have to hide it since I think it is confidential. 🙂

hacthcling This WAS my dashboard. Yes, WAS because I have a total of  P3,300 under Invite Incentives and my task focused on blogging.

Please do not hesitate to leave comments, let me hear your voice. 🙂

With Love,

Metz A. Miranda

If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you put yourself into a condition conducive to your goal.


  1. if hindi kayo scam kindly review my report last oct.2014 i send it twice..since that time wala na kayong feedback..


  2. hey uep i havent received my fee last october 2014..if hindi kayo scam then why didnt you reply all my emais until now,wala kayong feedback sa report ko,nag sasayang lang ako ng oras sa encoding and ka si send na walang fee,interesado pa naman ako sa next task ko.


  3. Sorry to tell but the website I was sharing last year was gone for no reason. I don’t even know. I did replied on some comments last last day I think. I haven’t published any blog posts yet due to super busy schedule of work. Just like you I havent received my income. Thanks!


  4. since october 2014 i havent heard from your site anymore i havent received my income for my task 3-latest task i keep on emailing and follow up on your given email but there is no reply up to now?its so sad that i join this to have additional income but, i was wrong are you member of scam?kasi till now wala kayong reply,,,,


  5. Hi Rowena, due to my busy schedule, I wasn’t able to create a post about the links/websites I’ve shared months ago. Unfortunately, I think the website is already busted or not working anymore. It vanished/ under maintenance nasya after few weeks that I posted my last blog post.


  6. Hi Juvilyn, due to my busy schedule, I wasn’t able to create a post about the links/websites I’ve shared months ago. Unfortunately, I think the website is already busted or not working anymore. It vanished/ under maintenance nasya after few weeks that I posted my last blog post.


  7. Hi! I can’t open the site anymore,no matter how i click it. is this still working?im interested. tnx!


  8. Hi! Metz! Hanggang kelan ang maintenance? Kakajoin ko lang kasi last month and hindi pa ako nakakaumpisa. Pinili ko yung option 2 na mag antay hanggang ma fix ang problem. Thank you!


  9. I just received an email from them just this morning. You may check my new blog post for additional information.


  10. hi active pa po ba ang site ng UEP>? maganda p ba ang earnings kaka cr8 ko lng ng account ko pano ba ma activate


  11. I used your account and your id but the tracking code that I have given them was rejected( the one indicated in the receipt) and noted as an invalid tracking code. The last three character of the code is -ZAW but when I verified the tracking number at Palawan Express Padala Customer Service, they confirmed that UEP received my payment of the UEP Dashboard as well as replied with a tracking code that has a -AFI last 3 character code which was interested to note different from the one which is indicated in my Palawan Express Padala receipt. I emailed them back with the code which was indicated in the verification message of Palawan Express Padala with the AFI last digit and I’m still waiting for their activation of my dashboard.


  12. Hi there Metz, just want to know what if, no one refers me or invited me to join UEP coz I just saw it on internet while looking for a homebased job? I hope you could help me. Thanks!


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