Online Jobs Lists

Here are some sites where you can make money online. If you are looking for Online Jobs, these sites are good if you want residuals income.

1. Clixsense – The first online job I can recommend is Viewing Advertisements this is called PPC (Pay Per Click). Premium accounts earn bigger. You can register here for free.

Payment through Paypal.

2. CashCrate – This online job is about answering surveys. Students can join since this is free of charge. Answer every question honestly and earn bigger.

Payment through Paypal.

3. Microworkers – there are many jobs available here. Micro works like sharing posts, leaving comments, and much more.

Payment through Paypal.

4. UnemployedPinoys – you can make money with data entry jobs available here weekly. This is exclusively for Philippines citizens. Register for PHP350.00 and have a working dashboard that updates weekly for new data entry tasks and your income summary. Earnings PHP150.00 and above are paid weekly to members. The more work entries, the bigger the salary. (This is my part-time job too)

You’ll need this if you will join. 

My Full Name: Metz Miranda

My ID: MI201402-0437

Payment through LBC and Palawan Express.

5. Yahoo Content Contributor – You can earn big here, especially if you are good in writing articles about news, sports, photography and etc.

Payment through Paypal.

This is my list as of this moment. Soon the list will be added. I will just recommend sites that are proven and tested.



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