10 Blog Posts of Fresh August

I wasn’t able to create some blog post over 3rd And last week of July due to internet connection and busy schedule.

Life without a computer is nice because I am able to have quality time with family, relax my eyes, and mind from work. However, the relaxing 3 weeks are over!

It’s time to get back on the track and I have fresh 10 blog posts for a fresh August.

These posts can also be found on Kingged, an internet marketing and social bookmarking and networking site.

Here it is…

1. Top 5 Blogging Women I wish all of them were my Wives and why?

By  Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe

2. How To Increase Blog Traffic-Guide For Beginners

By Mustafa Gaziani

3. How to get valuable comments to your blog post

4. 20 Ways To Craft Amazing Blog Posts Your Readers Love

By Heidi Cohen

5. The State Of Blogging 2014 [Research – Charts]

By Heidi Cohen

6. 9 Tips on How to Build Raving Fans for Your Blog

By Gary Dek

7. 6 popular strategies to make money blogging

By Mi Muba

8. Never Run out of Ideas for Blog Topics! 5 Simple Tips that Work

By  Ray Wang

9. Don’t Waste your Time Blogging


10. Some Technical Tips to Improve Your Blog

By Erik Emanuelli

How I Overcome Writer’s Block

How was your week guys? Is your productive? Or you also suffered writer’s block just like me?

In this post, I will share you how I overcome it and it might help you.

So here it is…

It’s Saturday and my week is quite busy. Monday was occupied with many tasks to finish, I had 3 designs finished for my Fiverr client, which ordered 3 designs, and starting that day, my day went unbalanced. The designs were done in just 2 days, still, I work for Kingged.com, does some house chores, I took care of my Granny and suddenly last time, I suffered migraine.

I was like hanging; and worried that my blog page got no new blog post, the site stats went down. Despite that, still, engagement with my viewers is important to me, I left replies and delete some comments.

Good thing, last night after reading lots of posts from awesome bloggers around the world that talks about infographics, blogging tips, affiliate marketing, social media news, inspired me!

I was so inspired…

I did write something…

Then, decided to write about how to overcome it writer’s block. I continue writing and was happy writer’s block was gone, I suffered for almost one week because of a busy and unplanned schedule.

You may read it on Niraj’s blog page, It’s a guest post and happy that it is finally published and ready to read. How to Overcome Writer’s Block? is the title of my very first guest post on his blog and I will be happier if you’ll give it a shot! So I prepared some helpful tips there that you might love!


How I Overcome Writer’s Block???

I overcome writer’s block by reading posts from several bloggers and it inspires me. 🙂

6 Blogging Topics List

It’s The first week of July and I’m enjoying my Wednesday with my family!

I am on my first roundup of Blogging Topics List that I’ll be sharing every Wednesday. A new way to help readers like you find blogging topics you might missed.

This is my very first weekly update and I’d be very happy if these lists will help you in your blogging career.

I have a list of blogging topics here that’s also helpful for newbies. So keep scrolling and don’t forget to leave a comment below!

1. Is Blogging Worth Trying and IfSo Ho w Do I Start

– Dok Simon

2. Survey of 1000+ Bloggers: How to Be in the Top 5%


3. 10 Clever Ways To Keep Your Old Blog Posts Alive

4. Add Images to Your Posts from These 5 Free Sites

– Leslie Denning

5. 4 Tips for Writing With Passion


6. Beginner Bloggers: Learn How to Create a Blog From Scratch

– Tom Ewe


So That’s it! I hope these blogging topics will help you. Please don’t forget to leave a comment, subscribe to my blog for more updates! Additionally, next month, I’ll be publishing the second round up and I’m excited! 🙂