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These are collections of my works specifically Banner Ads Designs from I joined Fiverr last June 2014 and for my first 3  months, I already finished 6 Gigs (8 designs). For a newbie like me in that website, I think it’s already a good start! Six Gigs are better than Zero, right? Designing is my hobby and now, I design to make money. Though I have 3 other online jobs, I still have time to design when I have some orders.

In this Category in my Blogging Page “Designs” you will see some of my works and I will post the others finished designs I’ve made.

If you need some help and you need a Graphic Designer to design your Banner Ads or whatsoever you need like flyers, logo, cars, business cards and etc., please don’t hesitate to reach me through Gmail, Twitter and Fiverr.


Order #FO51F3ABA821

BUYER: cdchelp



DATE: July 09, 2014

ECommerce Banner Design


ECommerce Banner Design


Workshop Flyer – Yoga Rock Studios

Workshop Flyer - Yoga Rock Studios

So proud that I’m finally done with this flyer just this morning! 🙂

Workshop Flyer – Yoga Rock Studios
For: Rose Robles
Location: Glendale, United States
Working Date: Since Jul 29, 2013
Contract ID 13280367
Price: $10 per design