If this is the last


If this is the last 

I want to start at 3am in the first light.

Stare at you while half the world is snoring.

Thank God for this morning.

Kiss you and tell you “Hey beautiful. I Love You.”

I don’t care if you didn’t hear.

I’d sneak at 6am to prepare breakfast and to have coffee together.

We will wash dishes; I’ll put suds and bubbles on your face and giggle!

I’ll walk you to a quite place where no one can bother us, where we can be Savanna and John.

Go to the uppermost place I knew and stare at the teeming city,

Where there is just you and me in our own universe.

I’ll cuddle with you, Pinch you, hold you, hug you and kiss your cheeks.

We’ll eat our favorite vanilla flavored food and get drunk with blueberry yoghurt.

I’ll call you names and tease you like a kiddo.

I’ll walk far from you, panting,

And shout to the world “I LOVE YOU!”

And as we go home, I want to ride a jeepney.

Because I didn’t know how to drive a car,

Let you catch a few ‘z’s on your shoulder until we reach home.

If today is the last,

I’ll protect you. This is for real.

I didn’t care if the wheel is moving fast.

I’ll get the watch and give it a smash!

We’ll be happy this entire day,

And will never give a chance to end it heartrending or sad.

When you’re with doubt, I’ll back myself up.

I will ask God to let the sky tears down,

So I can kiss you in the pouring rain,

And make the time stand still.

This will never be nerve-racking, but this will be worth reminiscing.

If this is the last,

I’ll draw your happy and stunning face,

I’ll sing you lullaby, I don’t care if I’m not on the tune.

I’ll paint our love and color it rainbow.

I’ll write a poem and compose song.

Value the rollercoaster happened in the day.

By night,

I will play the music we love, and dance with you.

Ask you to close the eyes I so love,

And I will embrace the person I love torridly.

As the time ticks at 11pm,

We will pray for the lovely day.

I’ll lay you down to bed and hug you till you fall asleep,

And I,

Trying to sneak again,


To the kitchen table,

Plan for tomorrow,

Expect unplanned moment with you.

That Baby,

I will assure you,

Set your mind at rest, because tomorrow is happier.

Today will never be the last.




Will he?



She loves him genuinely,

But he attempts to leave,

Now the depths of her feeling is unknown,

He shall not ridicule,

This damsel walks in her castle with no shoes on,

She needs her man,

She was hurt.

The damsel is in distress,

She misses the happiness way back then,

The chaotic feeling and the man she adore,

Her wounded heart,

Her fragile heart, now unknown.

She was exquisite and fierce before he attempts leave,

Now she’s grieving on her solitude,

They rise and fall from minute to minute, I remember.

Now, they are falling constantly.

She hopes for a chance, to form the love again,

The damsel made a choice,

To love him eternally,

Will he grab or reject ?

Will the two merge? Or go on separate ways?