The Relaxing Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

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“Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is one of those stunning beaches in Island Garden City of Samal. This beach is located in Caliclic, Samal. This beach is in front of Davao City, having a shoreline of almost eight hundred meters (800m). The resort maintained feeding fishes and they provided a “safety net” to ward off the jelly fishes for the safety of their visitors. They also encourage their visitors to enjoy the marine. If you feel like going to a beach, go to Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort. Why? It is for the reason that the place is just seven (7) minutes away and traffic-free from Davao City, and visitors are ferried by a fleet of ten (10) colorful boats efficiently operated by the management of the resort from 5:00 AM up to 5:00 PM.”

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SELFIE – Good or Bad?

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“Selfie. A word coined by someone I do not know. I just woke up one-day morning and met SELFIE as a word that describes a moment, a moment alone with my camera.

We are naturally stunning and God knows that. However, being imperfect pushed us to judge others imperfections and we fail to remember that we have something that imperfect. Well, allow me to share you a short story from this photo of mine.”


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The Pampering Isla Reta Beach Resort

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“Isla Reta Beach Resort is one of the best beaches in Talicud Island, Garden City of Samal. The beach is behind a small village. If you’re looking for a beach, a place to spend time with family and friends, in no doubt, Isla Reta Beach Resort is what I wanted to put forward. It has white sand, crystal clear water, clean air and surroundings. What is more interesting? Their workers were friendly and kind.”

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Linkedin Who’s Viewed Your Profile

Linkedin Who’s Viewed Your Profile

One Wednesday morning, Metz jumped into her computer after eating, cleaning the house and washing all the dishes. She went to her Gmail to check some emails and she saw a message from LinkedIn says “Congratulate Mary Jane Adlawan” so she open the message and went to LinkedIn to Congratulate her Collage Classmate for her new job. Metz was surfing the LinkedIn platform again. “Oh! It’s been a while!” she said.

She went to her inbox because she got a recommendation from Sunday William (her coworker) and she gave Sunday a recommendation back. All of the sudden, LinkedIn’s video popped up! Introducing the new Who’s Viewed Your Profile.

So much for the story, Linkedin Who’s Viewed Your Profile Video is great! I found a list of the people I knew and who’ve recently viewed my LinkedIn profile.  It is beneficial to know. Why? “It is one of the best ways to measure how you are doing on LinkedIn.”

These are the steps if you want to check yours…

1.  Go to “Profile” located at the upper right area of your home page

2. Click “Who’s viewed your profile”

There, you will see “Who’s viewed your profile” and “How you rank for profile Views”.

Metz's LinkedIn

Here is the video I saw…

Additional tip!

Under the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile?”, there, you can see how many times you have shown up in the LinkedIn search results.