Will he?



She loves him genuinely,

But he attempts to leave,

Now the depths of her feeling is unknown,

He shall not ridicule,

This damsel walks in her castle with no shoes on,

She needs her man,

She was hurt.

The damsel is in distress,

She misses the happiness way back then,

The chaotic feeling and the man she adore,

Her wounded heart,

Her fragile heart, now unknown.

She was exquisite and fierce before he attempts leave,

Now she’s grieving on her solitude,

They rise and fall from minute to minute, I remember.

Now, they are falling constantly.

She hopes for a chance, to form the love again,

The damsel made a choice,

To love him eternally,

Will he grab or reject ?

Will the two merge? Or go on separate ways?




5 hours staring at the sky

Saw only blue and white

Forming your beautiful face

I could stay and sit in this valley just to gaze.

I feel a sudden feeling I didn’t like,

It grips my heart and stubs like a knife,

It’s sad and lonely,

Being far from you is driving me crazy.

A thousand or million miles away,

All night and day,

I remember that all I want is for you to stay.

I’m longing…

I can’t help but shed tears

And just let it rain.

Now I am bloody crying,

Because a puzzle piece is missing.

Will you come back as soon as you can?

Is this worth waiting for?

Because I am missing you…

Bring back the lost puzzle piece,

I mean…

Please come back!



I draw this during our arts class last Saturday. My professor gave us a task to draw something about feelings.

Then I draw this because I feel so down or sat these past few days.